With service, we build the foundation. With technology, we create value. With craftsmanship, we forge the brand.

Modern agriculture is demand-oriented, technology-centered, and product-based, which requires services and solutions that can adapt to local condition. YPH, integrating resources and strengths from its shareholders: ICL and YTH, is committed to provide products of good quality using global technologies, and provide value-added services to it fellow farmer friends. By establishing good reputation, YPH forges the brand. By creating more value for the society, YPH realizes its mission.

188bet亚洲登录 YPH is a large comprehensive phosphorus chemicals manufacture born against the background of supply-front reform. Being a sample of reforming state-owned companies in Yunnan Province, YPH could be an application platform that absorb fruits of international leading chemical industry research. Supported by Yunnan Province’s abundant mine resources, ICL’s international leading advantages in fine phosphate and phosphate technologies and R&D strength, and YTH’s management and manufacturing advantage as a leading fertilizer group in China, YPH keeps faith with the philosophy of green development. Driven by technology R&D, based on thoughtful services, YPH strives to provide various products of high-quality and efficiency. On the course of making contribution to China’s green and sustainable development, YPH will spare no effort to forge itself into a leading enterprise in fine phosphorus chemicals industry in Asia-Pacific region.

188bet亚洲登录 YPH – a Sino-Israeli joint venture – is looking forward to working with you to achieve a beneficial and win-win situation, and build a bright future.

Please leave your comments here. We appreciate your trust and support. Together we will be better.
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